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Welcome to the El Paso Independent School District Volunteer website

If you are a new Volunteer and are interested in applying for a Volunteer Position with the El Paso Independent School District, please follow the simple steps below. Our online application "wizard" will walk you through the process step-by-step. A navigation bar will be displayed along the left side of all screens and will keep you informed of your progress.

Education Code 22.053. SCHOOL DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS. (a) A volunteer who is serving as a direct service volunteer of a school district is immune from civil liability to the same extent as a professional employee of a school district under Section 22.0511. (b) In this section, "volunteer" means a person providing services for or on behalf of a school district, on the premises of the district or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property, who does not receive compensation in excess of reimbursement for expenses. (c) This section does not limit the liability of a person for intentional misconduct or gross negligence. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST REAPPLY AFTER JULY 1 OF EACH YEAR TO BE CONSIDERED FOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.

Returning Volunteer, please sign-in.
**Returning Volunteers: Please use the Current or Former Employee link.**

If you are a returning volunteer, please access and update your previous application through Current or Former Employee link regardless of current or former employee status.

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New Volunteer, please register.
If you are a New Volunteer, but NOT a Current or Former Employee, please click the "New Volunteer" link above. You must register with us to apply for service opportunities through this website.

Current or Former Employee, please click here.
If you are a Current OR Former Employee of the district, please use the option to set up a new User ID and Password, if you have not already done so. This option may also be used to access your application.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us at (915) 230-2550 for CAMPUS VOLUNTEERS or (915) 230-2024 for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS or visit www.episd.org.

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